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Are Dharmacon lentiviral particle products safe to use in the laboratory? What precautions should be taken when handling SMARTchoice viral particles?

Lentiviral delivery systems have been employed in many research laboratories around the world without incident. Handling of SMARTvector reagents requires extensive experience with cell culture techniques. It is vital that the protocols supplied with the SMARTchoice Lentiviral shRNA Particles and the safety guidelines described in the Appendix for appropriate handling and storage are fully understood and followed precisely. For additional guidance on containment of lentiviral vectors,we strongly recommend the user refer to the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) guidelines for research with lentiviral vectors: http: //oba. od. nih. gov/oba/rac/Guidance/LentiVirus_Containment/pdf/Lenti_Containment_Guidance. pdf. Also, details of the BSL-2 equipment, facilities and protocols can be found at http: //www. cdc. gov/OD/ohs/biosfty/bmbl4/bmbl4s3. htm.