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Can I use the SMARTchoice shRNA Promoter Selection Plate to optimize all of the transduction conditions for my cells of interest?

No. The Promoter Selection Plate is not meant to be used to establish fundamental lentiviral transduction conditions, such as optimal cell density, in your cells of interest. The purpose of the Promoter Selection Plate is to visually assess relative promoter activity. Basic experimental conditions (such as cell density, with or without serum, Polybrene concentration) should be established prior to transduction of viral particles using the SMARTchoice Promoter Selection Plate. The Promoter Selection Plate contains duplicate wells of serially diluted lentiviral particles representing each promoter so that two separate conditions can be tested simultaneously. After identification of the optimal promoter for your cells of interest, additional transduction optimization should be performed to identify appropriate MOIs for optimal shRNA performance.