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Is there a hygromycin marker in pGIPZ, pTRIPZ, and pLemiR and can it be used for selection?

There is a hygromycin marker on the pGIPZ, pTRIPZ, and pLemiR vectors. It was present on the parent plasmid that they were constructed from but its function has never been tested in house. The hygromycin in the TRIPZ vector was specifically inactivated so it will not work. In theory you could use the hygromycin marker for selection of cells transfected with the pGIPZ or pLemiR plasmid but the hygromycin takes longer to have the desired effect than puromycin. You would not be able to use hygromycin for selection of transduced cells because only what is between the LTRs of the vectors would be packaged and the hygromycin marker lies outside of the LTRs.