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Is there a protocol for dosing animals with doxycycline for in vivo TRIPZ induction?

There is no conventional protocol for in vivo doxycycline dosing. We recommend reviewing the literature to determine the best method for your application. Key points to keep in mind: 1. There is no consensus on what has been used in vivo as far as doxycycline dosing, food and water are both used, both of which are actually very difficult to control as you have to assume that every mouse eats and drinks the same amount every day compared to the next mouse. 2. If using xenoplantations, dosing by injection of doxycycline directly into the transplantation site may be a better option than relying on the mouse to eat/drink doxycycline. This is especially important when preparing biological replicates. A reference paper comparing doxycycline dosing in water versus food is: Centlivre et. al. (2010) Autoregulatory lentiviral vectors allow multiple cycles of doxycycline-inducible gene expression in human hematopoietic cells in vivo. Gene Ther. 17, 14-25.