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VSV-G is expressed on one of the Trans-Lentiviral Packaging System vectors, but are the GIPZ, TRIPZ, and LentiORF vectors also VSV-G pseudotyped?

It is correct that VSV-G is a component of one of the Trans-Lentiviral Packaging System vectors (pTLA-Env). This component codes for the envelope protein and specifies the tropism of the viral envelope. The pseudotype of the virus made by the Trans-Lentiviral Packaging System is determined by the envelope vector (ie. VSV-G) and not by the transfer vector (ie. GIPZ, TRIPZ or LentiORF). Pseudotypes include but are not limited to: Ecotropic - infects rat, mouse Amphotropic - infects many mammalian cell types. Pantropic - infects many kinds of cells. (VSV-G falls in this category. ) Therefore, it is possible to package GIPZ, TRIPZ, or LentiORF with envelopes other than VSV-G if desired, however if using our packaging system the virus will be VSV-G pseudotyped.