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Where can I find more information on TurboRFP?

We license the Red fluorescent protein TurboRFP from a company called Evrogen. For more information on this tag, please visit their website: http: //www. evrogen. com/products/TurboRFP/TurboRFP_Detailed_description. shtmlDetails: Molecular weight, kDa 26. 1Polypeptide length, aa 231Fluorescence color red (orange)Excitation maximum, nm 553Emission maximum, nm 574Quantum yield 0. 67Extinction coefficient, M-1cm-1 92 000Brightness* 61. 6Brightness, % of EGFP 187pKa 4. 4Structure dimerAggregation noMaturation rate at 37�C super fastPhotostability highCell toxicity not observedMain advantages superbright and fast-maturing red fluorescent proteinPossible limitations dimer, limited applicability for fusions generation