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Are the SMARTpool reagents isoform specific?

The term 'isoform' is used variably to describe closely related proteins that may arise from splice variants transcribed from the same gene or from transcription of separate genes in the genome. Depending on the relationship of the protein 'isoforms' you are studying, the SMARTpool may or may not be specific. SMARTpool reagents are designed to target all transcript/splice variants associated with a single gene as recorded in the RefSeq database. Therefore, isoforms arising from splice variants would all be targeted by the SMARTpool for that gene. Conversely, the other type of isoform would not be targeted as we have eliminated siRNAs with significant matches to transcripts arising from other genes in the genome. If you are interested in a SMARTpool that targets a specific splice variant, a custom SMARTpool design must be requested.