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Do you have siRNA for in vivo experiments?

There are two things to consider when using siRNA in animal models: siRNA stability and toxicity to the animal. We offer a proprietary modification to address stability and in vivo processing options to address potential toxicity, both of which can be selected for any custom siRNA synthesis. The method of delivery used in the experiment will determine whether one or both of these options is recommended. The siSTABLE�� modification pattern dramatically enhances siRNA stability in nuclease-rich environments resulting in the siRNA reaching the target tissue to enable gene silencing. This modification is typically used for systemic injections into the blood stream, topical applications, and other applications where the siRNA is not protected by a carrier from nuclease degradation. The in vivo and in vivo HPLC processing options for custom siRNA both include counter ion (Na+) exchange, desalting, sterile filtration, and endotoxin testing. Additionally, an in vivo HPLC processed duplex has undergone ion exchange HPLC purification. Finally, the siRNA is lyophilized to allow greater solubility under the higher concentrations typically used for in vivo injections.