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What advantages do your Lincode products offer?

1. SMARTpool format: When you consider the potential for inaccessible or unrecognized siRNA recognition sites (tertiary structure, DNA- or protein bound, variability in sequence record etc. ), the SMARTpool provides increased likelihood that a. one of the four siRNAs will access its target siteb. that the functional domain of the RNA will be degraded2. ON-TARGETplus modifications: preventing off-targets is just as important in lncRNA experiments as in other gene knockdown (if not more so). a. Passenger (sense) strand blocking: The siRNA sense strand could have 100% homology to an opposite-strand protein coding transcript, or could target other genes. b. Guide (antisense) strand seed region: As with any siRNA, the seed region can act like a microRNA by inducing off-targets. Since the effects of lncRNA knockdown can be very subtle, it is more important than ever to reduce off-targets that could confound interpretation of the phenotype.