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What are the most important controls for my siRNA experiment?

A non-targeting siRNA control is designed to have no known target in the cells being used. These negative controls are important for distinguishing sequence-specific silencing from non-specific effects in the RNAi experiment. Because non-specific effects can be siRNA concentration dependent, it is important to use negative control siRNA at the same concentration as your gene-specific siRNA. Efficient delivery of siRNA is critical for achieving significant gene silencing. A positive control siRNA can be used to optimize delivery conditions and to monitor transfection efficiency throughout your experiments. An extensively validated siRNA that targets a housekeeping gene is ideal as a positive control. We offer several positive and negative controls in our Accell, ON-TARGETplus, and siGENOME product lines as well as fluorescent controls for your siRNA experiments. Please refer to our Technical Note: Effective Controls for RNAi Experiments to learn more - http: //dharmacon. horizondiscovery. com/uploadedFiles/Resources/effective-sirna-controls-technote. pdf