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Which transfection reagent should I use with my specific cell line?

The best transfection reagent for your experiments will depend on the cell line that you are using, and must be determined empirically. Dharmacon has available four different lipid-based transfection reagents that have been specially formulated for delivery of siRNAs into cells. These DharmaFECT transfection reagents are very mild yet have very high transfection rates into a wide variety of cell lines. Please consult the cell type guide here first: http: //dharmacon. horizondiscovery. com/transfection/dharmafect-cell-type-guide/ If your cell line is not identified in the guide and you are not able to find an example of siRNA delivery in this cell line in published literature, we recommend testing multiple reagents to identify the best one for your experiments. The best transfection reagent is one that results in a high level of siRNA delivery with a low level of cell toxicity. The best method for confirming siRNA delivery is to assay knockdown, preferably at the mRNA level, by a positive control siRNA that targets a housekeeping gene for which silencing is well characterized.