Horizon leadership

Bridging vision and strategy to achieve remarkable results

Horizon’s leadership team brings diverse experience from across the healthcare, drug discovery, and life science industries. 

Chris Lowe, PhD

Head of Research Operations

Dr. Chris Lowe headshot


“I strive to empower our dedicated research team with state-of-the-art technology, and then leverage that creativity, innovation and expertise to help our clients make breakthroughs and change lives.”

Paul Brooks, PhD

Head of Business Operations

Dr, Paul Brooks headshot


“Driving explosive growth of innovative life sciences products and services is my passion. Nothing is more thrilling than seeing the potential of technologies fully realized and the success that brings to our customers.”

Kelly Grimsley

Head of Manufacturing, US

Kelly Grimsley


“Our success lies in strong dynamic teams that are empowered to continually innovate processes to deliver customers with consistent high-quality results.”

Brian Burke, PhD

Head of Strategy and Corporate Development

Dr. Brian Burke headshot


“Strategic vision should guide every decision we make.”

Deepak Singh

Head of Sales

Deepak Singh


“Striving to provide our customers with best-in-class experience has always been and continues to be a front and center priority for me and I feel privileged as a member of the Horizon family that puts the customer first.”