Improve your CHO cell performance - meet demands for cost effective biomanufacturing


Gene editing offers a step change in biotherapeutic manufacturing by enabling fundamental improvements to host system capabilities. Horizon has partnered with multiple clients to provide edited CHO cell lines. Projects range from  modifying a gene as requested, for example to improve a specific product attribute, through to performing a whole genome CRISPR screen in clients’ cells in order to identify genes that impact the expression of a specific protein architecture.


Ensure a clear IP position with freedom to operate


Formal access to engineered lines is designed to allow freedom to operate in biomanufacturing after proof of concept studies. As a result we have extensive experience of handling proprietary cell lines using appropriate quality systems to enable successful transfer to a manufacturing setting.


Trusted partner


Expertise gathered over more than 10 years of using different genome editing technologies enables us to provide almost any modification required, ranging from point mutations to large scale translocations. We have used our expertise in cell line engineering to modify over 30 cell lines for clients.



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