Accelerate cell line development - meet demands for cost-effective biomanufacturing

The CHO-GS expression system is well-established as the industry standard for development of a host cell line, facilitating cell line selection and optimization of costs and production processes. The GS knockout CHO expression system from Horizon offers an unrivaled combination of performance and commercial access. A comprehensive cell line history and a clear intellectual property (IP) position ensure freedom to operate in biotherapeutic production.

Licensed worldwide

Over 50 commercial licenses (and many more pending) demonstrate industry acceptance, proving the success and wide acceptance of this system. At least four successful Investigational New Drug (IND) filings have enabled clients to progress to clinical trial demonstrating regulatory compliance of the offering.

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GS metabolic selection

The GS selection system is the current industry standard method of cell line development. It facilitates cell line selection during development, optimizes costs and production processes.