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A human gene knockout model system enables genotypic effects on phenotype be examined in large screens

For the first time, human knockout cell lines are readily available for scalable reverse genetic screening.

We speak to Horizon's Head of Innovation, Dr Tilmann Bürckstümmer about the application of reverse genetic screening using a combination of new technologies.


Gapp et al. (2016) in Molecular Systems Biology


Tilmann discusses the challenges of traditional models and how it is possible to move towards a scalable approach, using new technologies such as shallow sequencing combined with Horizon's human knockout cell lines.

The conversation centers around a new paper - Parallel reverse genetic screening in mutant human cells using transcriptomics.

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Key topics include:

  • The challenge of reverse screening in human cell systems
  • The advantages of shallow sequencing
  • Improvements on previous techniques
  • Increasing confidence in target validation

Finally, Tilmann gives an insight into exciting new applications of CRISPR technologies.