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CHOSOURCE™ - CHO-GS knockout expression platform

Empowering biotherapeutic production
- Used in multiple, successful IND filings
- Licensed to >70 companies
- Recognized in the industry and by regulators for high yield manufacturing

Drive efficiencies during development and production

  • Freedom to choose - any media, vector or CRO/CMO
  • Freedom to operate – no patent or IP risks
  • Maintain profitability throughout product life cycle - royalty-free licensing

Gene editing CHO cell services

  • Improve your CHO cell performance
  • Meet demands for cost-effective biomanufacturing
  • Ensure a clear IP position with freedom to operate

News highlights

  • CHOSOURCE™ platform supports development of immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases
  • CHOSOURCE™ platform offered for COVID-19-related therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Multi-product use license of GS knockout CHO K1 cell line granted to NGM Bio
  • Glenmark adopts CHO cell line into biomanufacturing process

Regulatory Compliant – no royalty fees

Innovative and flexible approach to licensing

CHO Functional Genomic Screening

Use CRISPR screening to optimize your CHO cell line