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Preclinical scale and OEM RNA and DNA synthesis

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Quality custom oligonucleotides for research and preclinical applications

Our preclinical/OEM manufacturing service provides our academic and industry partners with cost-effective and timely oligonucleotide materials for novel research (in vitro) thru preclinical use (in vivo).

Oligo manufacturing from Dharmacon offers:

  • An ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility and a highly trained and dedicated custom oligonucleotide synthesis team
  • Preclinical scale synthesis (50 mg to multiple grams) of both RNA and DNA oligonucleotides synthesized by our proprietary 2’-ACE or traditional 2’-TBDMS chemistry
  • An extensive selection of chemical modifications such as modified nucleobases, phosphorothioates, linkers, spacers, and fluorescent dyes
  • Customization and contract production, including OEM oligonucleotide reagents to meet customer needs

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Purified 42-mer crRNA
analysis 42 mer oligo anion exchange hplc 
analysis 42 mer oligo mass 

Purity analysis and characterization of a 42-mer crRNA oligonucleotide. The 42-mer RNA was synthesized using 2’-O-TBDMS chemistry at 120 µmol scale. After cleavage and deprotection, the RNA oligonucleotide was purified by anion-exchange chromatography. Pooled fractions were desalted by ultra-filtration followed by freeze drying to yield lyophilized RNA. (A) Analytical ion-pairing reverse phase UPLC trace showing 92% full-length product (FLP); (B) Analytical anion-exchange HPLC trace showing 89% full-length product (FLP); (C) Mass was analyzed with the LXQ Mass Spectrometer, confirming the correct mass.

Purified 30-mer DNA
analysis 30 mer oligo 

analysis 30 mer oligo mass

Analysis of a 30-mer DNA oligonucleotide with final delivery yield of 1 g. (A) Analytical trace from ion pairing reverse phase UPLC showing 97% full length material. (B) Mass was analyzed by ESI-MS, results illustrate the correct mass.



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Safety data sheets

SDS (US) RNA oligonucleotidesNorth American standard safety data sheet for RNA oligonucleotides. 

SDS (US) deprotection bufferNorth American standard safety data sheet for deprotection buffer.SDS (EU) RNA oligonucleotidesEuropean Union standard safety data sheet for RNA oligonucleotides. 

SDS (EU) deprotection bufferEuropean Union standard safety data sheet for deprotection buffer.