Downstream analysis reagents & consumables

Ensure the accuracy of your gene editing or modulation data


PerkinElmer offers a trusted portfolio of reagents and consumables for accurate and efficient downstream analysis – From simple Western blotting for gene knockout confirmation to fluorescent cellular imaging for more complex phenotypic analysis.
Microplates for high throughput applications


A wide variety of microplates specifically designed for automated handling in high throughput workflows

Blotting tools and reagents

Blotting tools

Reagents, transfer membranes and secondary antibodies for reliable blotting results

Luminescence assays

Luminescence ATP & reporter gene assays

Reporter gene assays and ATP assays for simple yet highly sensitive luciferase detection

PhenoVue fluorescent cell imaging reagents

Fluorescent cellular imaging reagents

PhenoVue™ labeled organelle markers, secondary antibodies and cell painting kits

Fluorescent & hapten nucleotides

Fluorescent & hapten nucleotides

Labeled nucleotide analogs for use in RNA and DNA detection