PhenoVue™ fluorescent probes

Identify organelles & subcellular compartments

Cellular imaging techniques rely on the ability to detect and distinguish between specific cellular compartments and organelles. 
PhenoVue organelle-specific stains brightly label various organelles and cellular compartments and are optimized for high-content analysis and screening.

ER stain (Concanavalin A)

Used for cellular membrane staining, particularly the endoplasmic reticulum

Golgi stain (WGA)

Used for cellular membrane staining, particularly the Golgi apparatus

Lipid stain

For localization and quantification of intracellular lipid droplets

Nuclear stain

Cell permeable organic molucule that binds DNA for nuclear localization

Nucleic acid stain

Cell permeable organic molecule used for nucleoli staining. Displays higher fluorescence intensity when complexed with RNA, compared to DNA.