13th Transgenic Technology Meeting 2016

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) was founded to foster communication and technology sharing, to enhance scientific research, to advance the field of animal transgenesis, particularly as it applies to useful experimental models in biology, medicine and biotechnology, and to represent the interests of scientists, technicians, and graduate students working in the field of transgenic technologies. ISTT currently has over 600 members.

The ISTT sponsors a series of periodic international meetings known as the Transgenic Technology (TT) Meetings.

The purpose of the International Society for Transgenic Technologies, as a not-for-profit corporation, is to:

  • Advance the science and technologies used in the generation and analysis of transgenic animal models for biomedical research and biotechnology application.
  • Support scientific research, education, and training pertinent to the field of animal transgenesis.
  • Provide the organizational framework for a scientific society that includes academic, industry and/or government scientists, students and technical specialists as well as other persons with an interest in the field of animal transgenesis.
  • Provide a communication and knowledge exchange platform that brings scientists from academia and industry, as well as research technology experts, together.
  • Organize a periodic international scientific conference entitled the “Transgenic Technology Meeting”.
  • Participate in other national and international conferences, seminars and specialist workshops related to animal model transgenesis.
  • Publish informational bulletins, abstracts, monographs, books, protocols, and other specialized texts related to the field of animal model transgenesis.
  • Organize and promote courses, seminars and other educational activities in order to provide training in transgenic animal technologies to scientists, students, technical specialists, or other interested individuals.
  • Cooperate, affiliate or otherwise associate with other national and international societies with similar aims.
  • Provide expert information to the general public regarding the benefits associated with the use and application of transgenic technologies in animals.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance to local, national and international bodies regarding scientific, technical, or other aspects of animal transgenesis.


March - 20, 2016

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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