AMP 2017 Annual Meeting

AMP is the leading organization in the field of molecular diagnostics, and this meeting was “the premiere gathering” of molecular professionals. The theme of the meeting this year was, Where Molecular Leads Medicine to Best Patient Care.

Horizon Discovery exhibited on Stand #1013 where we spoke on new advances in cell-line-derived reference standards.

We held a Corporate Workshop entitled 'Innovative cell line-derived Reference Standards for the validation of oncology NGS workflows' on Wednesday 15 November, 4pm - Room 250D. Attendees learnt of the latest technological advances in our key focus areas of RNA, cfDNA and large oncology Reference Standards with a talk by Simon Hughes from Qiagen.

We also hosted a Meet the Expert talk entitled 'Gain control of your NGS workflow with OncoSpan and OncoMatic' on Friday 17 November, 10am – Stand 1013. Christophe Roos, CSO Euformatics gave us an insight into how this pairing of OncoSpan and OncoMatic can help you gain control of your NGS workflow.

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November 16 - 18, 2017

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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