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Cell Culture & Downstream World Congress 2017

The Cell Culture & Downstream World Congress 2017 is an all-encompassing event covering the whole manufacture and bioprocess life cycle. Pharma, biotechs, academics, scientists and innovative start-ups gather to develop new strategies and partnerships, to advance biotherapeutic production, manufacture, purification, formulation, fill finish, and commercialisation.

Horizon Discovery presented at 11.05am on Wednesday 22nd February 'Beyond GS: Using different genome editing techniques to generate improved commercially available production cell lines'. Topics included:

  • Genome engineering has significant potential to improve our ability to manufacture biotherapeutic products
  • CRISPR technology can be applied to perform rapid proof of concept edits
  • After validation, Horizon uses rAAV technology to generate improved CHO cells for commercial release with a clear IP position


February - 21, 2017

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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