ELRIG's Drug Discovery 2018

ELRIG’s flagship conference, Drug Discovery, has become the largest meeting of life sciences industry professionals in the UK. Now in its 12th year, Drug Discovery 2018 took place in London’s Excel Arena. This 2-day event brought together more than 1200 delegates and over 100 exhibiting companies from around the world who highlighted the latest ground-breaking research, discussed cutting-edge advances in the application of laboratory technology to understand disease biology and to identify novel chemical and biological candidate drugs.

Their scientific programme featured over 50 world-class speakers in 8 main session tracks, each highlighting the latest scientific breakthroughs and new approaches that are driving this success.

Horizon gave a talk entitled:

Horizon’s cellular HTS platform for the identification of beneficial combinations in rare disease

Presenter: David Sorrell, PhD; HTS Platform Lead

When and where: Day 1, Tuesday 9th October at 3.15pm in Platinum suite 3

Horizon is a provider of cellular HTS services and has spent over 15 years industrializing its HTS platform for the rapid identification and prioritization of efficacious monotherapies and combinations across a range of disease indications. Rare diseases are often complex and may require targeting of multiple pathways using drug combinations to achieve clinical responses. Here we provide an overview of Horizon’s HTS platform and exemplify it’s use to identify beneficial combinations in rare disease. Huntington’s disease is an inherited progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by an expanded CAG repeat tract in the gene encoding for the huntingtin protein (htt). Using a high content image-based assay that measured the localisation of mutant huntingtin we screened combinations of approved drugs and emerging therapeutics and identified synergistic interactions that rescued mutant-specific cellular phenotypes. This demonstrates the power of Horizon’s cellular HTS platform to discover combinations for the potential treatment of rare diseases.

Horizon also presented posters on the topic of High Throughput Screening:

POSTER 120 - Horizon’s Cellular HTS Platform for the Identification of Beneficial Combinations in Rare Disease

POSTER 121 - High-Throughput Cell Panel and Organoid Screening in 3D

Horizon's High Throughput Screening team were available to answer your questions throughout the conference.

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October 09 - 10, 2018

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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