Molecular Diagnostics 2016

The Inaugural Molecular Diagnostics Virtual Conference provided the premiere venue for scientists, technologists, and professionals to discuss and present the newest advances in molecular diagnostics testing. The event had no charge to attendees.

Molecular diagnostics is growing rapidly as tools to help analyze biological markers become more advanced. Molecular diagnostic testing is relevant to both identifying markers associated with disease, and clinical applications such as infectious disease detection, oncology, pharmacogenomics, or genetic disease screening. Techniques can be used to diagnose and monitor disease, detect risk, and determine therapies for individual patients. By analyzing markers unique to a patient and their disease, molecular diagnostics looks toward the future of personalized medicine.

The virtual conference allowed attendees to participate in a global setting with no travel or cost. Virtual events remove time and place restrictions and ensure that everyone who wants to participate can do so. This virtual conference offered increased reach for the global diagnostics community with a high degree of interaction through live-streaming video and chat sessions.

Topics discussed included:

  • Infectious Disease
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Translational Research in Molecular Hematology
  • Microbiome in Health and Disease
  • Inherited Genetic Disorders
  • Molecular Evolution of Clinical Virology
  • Molecular Techniques for the Identification of Genetic Markers
  • Active treatment vs active surveillance
  • Mutated androgen receptor testing
  • Liquid biopsies


April - 06, 2016

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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Free virtual conference - live-streaming video and chat sessions

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