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Screening Strategies to advance discovery in therapeutic development and drug target identification

The event will bring together experts in the field of functional genomics to discuss how new technologies are moving research forward.

9:00am - Registration and Coffee

9:30am - Seminar 1: High-throughput approaches for gene target identification and validation

Presenter: James Goldmeyer, Ph.D.

Gene function(s) can be determined in a dynamic living system through systematic knockdown, knockout, or over-expression of genes. This experimental approach, known as functional genomics, has become a key discovery tool in many areas of biological research, including: drug target identification, drug resistance, host‑pathogen interactions, and biological pathway analysis. High-throughput functional genomic screening uses libraries of reagents (siRNA, sgRNA, crRNA, cell panels, etc.) that can interrogate tens, hundreds, or thousands of genes in parallel to determine which are the most important to the biology under study. Screening can reveal the genes that are critical to cancer biology pathways, find drug targets, be leveraged to stratify patient populations, and prove useful in many other important biological applications. In this seminar we will discuss available options and how, by using these screening techniques, we can help you advance your research faster and with higher probability of success.

Topics include:

  • CRISPR, siRNA, and cell-based screening
  • Multi-readout approaches
  • Validation and synergistic strategies for target identification

10:30am - Seminar 2: Advancing discovery and development with CRISPR screening

Presenter: Vicki Racicot M.S.

CRISPR–Cas9 based approaches provide powerful and precise methods of interrogating the phenotypic consequences of gene modulation via high-throughput, unbiased analyses. Harnessing the power of gene modulation using Horizon Discovery’s Functional Genomic Screening platform with Dharmacon’s Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 tools can enable novel target identification, further understanding of complex mechanisms of action, and drive the design of efficient and economical patient stratification for clinical studies. With the recent launch of our robust Primary Human T Cell CRISPR screening platform, Horizon Discovery has built upon five+ years of CRISPR screening expertise to deliver more expansive solutions for target discovery in the immuno-oncology space and beyond. In this seminar we will highlight key applications of Horizon's CRISPR screening platform for profiling impact of gene knock out, activation, and/or interference in advancing drug discovery and development, as well as leveraging our established primary immune cell engineering and immuno-oncology assay capabilities to power-up your therapeutics discovery and development pipeline.

Topics include:

  • CRISPRi/a Dual Screen
  • T-Cell Screening
  • Immuno-Oncology Assays

11:30am - Seminar 3: Leveraging siRNA screens for elucidating gene function and complex biological interactions

Presenter: James Goldmeyer Ph.D.

Application of RNA interference (RNAi) in the research laboratory has accelerated studies in functional genomics, therapeutic target identification, pathway analysis, and drug mechanisms of action. Small-interfering RNAs (siRNA) are routinely used to examine the specific roles of genes in cellular processes ranging in scope from single gene to whole genome scales. Successful merging of RNAi into high throughput applications requires the identification of critical attributes that can distort the outcome of gene silencing studies. Further, siRNA itself has been developed into a therapeutic agent and specific screens may be run to elucidate sequences of interest in this capacity. In this presentation we will review the use of siRNA for screening applications and discuss some of the more critical attributes of a siRNA that can impact success of a screen. The significance of siRNA design and modifications, assay design, reagent quality, positive and negative controls, and assay metrics will be discussed highlighting the contribution that each parameter makes to data quality and successful interpretation.

Topics include:

  • siRNA design considerations
  • Screening and validation strategies for gene targets
  • Screening of siRNA for therapeutic development

About the speakers:

James Goldmeyer, PhD

James Goldmeyer, PhD, Product Manager at Horizon Discovery. In his extended service with the company, James has led the development and commercial launch of numerous product lines and service offerings. He currently has responsibility for Horizon’s Functional Genomics Screening Services, including CRIPSR and RNAi screening platforms, and all RNAi and CRISPR screening libraries. He is heavily involved in the development of novel applications and screening paradigms to support client research efforts. James works closely with an expert group of R&D scientists on innovative tools and services for gene modulation and engineering.

James received his PhD from the University of Connecticut in Physiology and Neurobiology, and his BA from Vanderbilt University.

Vicki Racicot, MS

Vicki Racicot, MS, Field Application Scientist at Horizon Discovery. Vicki provides field based applications support to global clients for Horizon’s products and services including Functional Genomic Screening, Cell Panel Screening, and Immuno-Oncology Assay Services. Vicki brings over 20 years of combined experience in high throughput screening (HTS), cDNA microarrays as well as FISH product development. Vicki’s diverse background spans the agricultural field in gene discovery at Monsanto to assay development for early stage oncology drug discovery at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Vicki received her MS from Purdue University in Plant Cell Biology, and her BA at Assumption College in Biotechnology.



June - 13, 2019

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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South San Francisco, CA United States

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