World CDx Boston 2017

Back for the 8th year, World CDx is still the only forum dedicated to helping large pharma and biotech drug developers turn predictive biomarkers into clinically validated companion diagnostic assays for their precision medicine candidates.

Bringing together thought leaders and pioneers in the biomarker, CDx and precision medicine fields, World CDx Boston provided a much needed platform for candid conversations on how to define, adopt and implement a CDx strategy to ensure your drug candidates are regulatory compliant, achieve reimbursement and gain market share.

By better selecting and stratifying the responder patient populations for your drug candidates, World CDx Boston facilitated discussion on how to not only de-risk, but accelerate the demonstration of efficacy and clinical value of your targeted therapeutics: for both oncology and non-oncology indications. World CDx offered solution-led thinking for key industry challenges including regulatory approval, pricing and reimbursement coverage and the health economics behind market access hurdles to achieve global commercialization of drug-CDx combinations.

On Thursday 19th October at 11:30am, Christophe Roos, Chief Scientific Officer, Euformatics, spoke on behalf of Horizon at the event.

The topic, 'Validation of NGS Workflows for Precision Medicine':

◾Discussing best practice clinical guidelines for the validation of NGS pipelines in a personalised medicine context to support the increasing complexity of biomarkers in precision genomics, NGS-based patient stratification for therapy and/or clinical trials
◾Validating NGS pipeline depends upon processes for calibrating and implementing quality thresholds for NGS data files as well as for optimising accuracy by maximising sensitivity without losing specificity
◾Analyzing the importance of NGS data validation together with data interpretation for actionable clinical outcome

Christophe Roos started his career as a researcher studying the interaction of genes during germ line stem cell development. Bioinformatics nevertheless followed him since the 1980s when he tested the first Swissprot database versions and sequence analysis software packages. He initiated bioinformatics training at the University of Helsinki. Christophe has a Master of Science degree in Genetics, in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Helsinki and a PhD in molecular biology from the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. He has worked as a lecturer at several universities and authored and co-authored a number of scientific articles in a wide range of journals. He is very well connected and versed in several fields and languages. His specific professional interest is to facilitate translational research through the application of a formalism borrowed from the exact sciences and through a better use of information technology.


October - 17, 2017

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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