World CDx Europe 2017

In this competitive era for precision medicines it is important to prove their worth in a value-based healthcare system. World CDx Europe provided the strategic, candid and disruptive discussions this industry needs to have in order to bring more effective therapies to specific patient groups.

Bringing you field-defining case studies and KOL insights, World CDx Europe is dedicated to laying the roadmap to help you rapidly progress from exploratory biomarker to safe, effective and commercially successful precision medicine-CDx combinations.

Jonathan Frampton from Horizon Discovery presented on the topic ‘How Do We Make Precision Medicine Precise?’ and covered the following

  • Innovation is prized by the research community but feared in the clinic
  • Compromising assay sensitivity and specificity for reliability is no longer acceptable in the clinic
  • Patients deserve accurate diagnosis to determine their correct treatment
  • Strategies for maintaining innovation in a world of verification and validation studies


March - 29, 2017

Starting 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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