How do you recommend extracting DNA from an FFPE reference standard?

Our FFPE reference standards are provided as 1 FFPE section per vial. DNA yields may vary for different FFPE DNA extraction methods. We validate our FFPE reference standards with the Maxwell® 16 FFPE plus RSC DNA Purification Kit (Promega), ensuring a final yield per section as indicated in the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Please note older products may list the Maxwell® 16 FFPE plus LEV DNA Purification Kit (Promega) as the extraction method on the CoA.

Reagent-specific information can be found under the “Resources” tab on the product page. By strictly following the Promega kit, these two optimizing steps may improve the DNA yield:
1. The standard Proteinase K overnight incubation, as mentioned in the Promega manual (4A: steps 1 -2), should be shortened to one hour.
2. The vortexing time in step 4 should last 10-15 seconds.