CRISPR Design Tool

Design your own CRISPR guides for use in over 40 species or with any nuclease

HDR Donor Designer

Design and order single-strand DNA donor oligos or a plasmid DNA donor kit for insertion of a fluorescent marker or any custom sequence.

Video: designing custom CRISPR guide RNAs

This video shows how to use the CRISPR Design Tool to design custom guide RNAs (available in synthetic crRNA, synthetic sgRNA and lentiviral formats) for your gene editing experiment. We also walk you through how to custom design a plate for 20 or more gRNAs.

Why use algorithm designed guide RNA?

Check out these top 5 reasons why algorithm designed guide RNA can improve your experiment.

Top 3 considerations for successful HDR donor design

The design of your single-stranded donor template plays a big role in the over all knock-in efficiency rate. Learn how to optimize your designs!