Unlimited Breeding Rights Purchaser has unlimited rights to breed and share the Model within their institution and disclosed collaborators.

Standard Deliverables All standard projects include ultimate delivery of at least 2 heterozygous F1 generation animals, including at least 1 breeding pair.

Shipping Costs Live animal shipping rates apply and will be invoiced to the client.

Project Updates Horizon will use reasonable scientific efforts to complete the generation of the Model within the expected timelines and cost. Project status updates will be provided on a regular basis. Consultation with the project lead will be performed as needed.

Uncertain Outcomes There are instances during the development of the Model that are purely discovery and therefore have uncertain outcomes. Payment is expected for work completed.

Lethal Mutations If targeted gene is essential for normal embryo development, founder animals may not be obtained or heterozygous animals may be obtained at a lower rate. Mutations that effect reproduction: If targeted gene is essential for normal reproductive phenotype, subsequent F1 and F2 generations may not be obtained. Payment is accepted for work completed.

Commercial Understanding The total project time may be reduced or increased depending upon ZFN and/or CRISPR sgRNA design and validation efficiency, as well sex and number of founder mutants obtained. The proposed timeline includes troubleshooting and optimization, based upon average experience. At each phase of the project, timelines will be updated to reflect outcomes. If client requests additional work not outlined in project plan, additional fees will be negotiated. This project pricing provides for breeding of up to two (2) founders. If breeding of additional founders are requested, additional fees will be negotiated. The project is considered complete after the 2nd F1 litter is genotyped (~6 weeks of age). If there is a delay in receiving the animals into your facility beyond that, a weekly per cage charge will be incurred. Any custom requests for additional work will be considered and associated fees will be negotiated. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the client.

Pricing Conditions and Confidentiality Prices are guaranteed for orders received by the noted valid dates. Freight charges are not included in your quotation but, if applicable, will be prepaid and added to your invoice. This pricing is to remain strictly confidential and is based only upon specification requirements listed above. If specifications change, or if confidentiality is breached, Horizon reserves the right to modify pricing.

Customer will be consulted and notified in writing if pricing changes.

All prices and terms in this quotation are to be maintained confidential. Upon reference of the quotation number for generation of the purchase order, the conditions noted in this apply.

Standard payment terms and Net 30 days from date of invoice.

Cancellation/Termination Custom projects are not subject to cancellation/termination. However, unforeseen circumstances for which cancellation/termination may be contemplated occasionally arise. Horizon will work in good faith to seek a mutually agreeable position. In the event of project termination, customer agrees to pay to Horizon, as a minimum, reasonable costs associated with:

  1. Work already completed or in process at the time of termination.
  2. The price of all material/capital commitments already made by Horizon for this project.
  3. Payment to cover all committed development time and intended lab work for a 4 week period as laboratory resources are scheduled ahead of time. Adjustments would be made if there is no impact to Horizon at the time of termination or in the event Horizon is able to reschedule resources for other projects during the remaining time.
  4. Live animal shipping rates will apply to all subsequent shipments. Please be aware that the customer is also responsible for all additional veterinary clearance charges, duties and taxes that may be associated with this shipment, at the time of import. The retained shipping company will bill the customer directly for such charges.

Warranty and Liability

  1. Horizon warranty is limited to the above deliverables/specifications. No other conditions or warranties will be implied.
  2. Horizon liability is limited to supply of the end products at the above specifications. Horizon is not liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages. In certain circumstances, however, Horizon may, at its sole discretion, work with customer to replace the material at reasonable cost.