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Knockout rat models of Parkinson's disease

Developed in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Animal models of Alzheimer's disease

Knockout rat models of Apolipoprotein E. Knock-in humanized ApoE4 rat models.

Rat models for optogenetics

Including Cre-driver, as well as fluorescence reporter and opsin expressing rats.

Knockout rat models for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The world's first targeted knockout rat models for autism spectrum disorders.

Breast cancer patient derived xenografts

Highly characterized, genetic fidelity confirmed.

Melanoma patient derived xenografts

Largest collection of well-characterized melanoma PDX models available today.

Knockout rat models for ADME

In vivo models for drug transporter, PK/PD, and ADME studies.

Drug metabolism rat models

Knockout rats lacking the PXR, CAR, and AHR xenobiotic sensors.

Premium shipping containers for your research models

  • Configurable design
  • Meets IATA specifications
  • Offering the best clear plastic lids in the business