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CHO cells

A step change in manufacture - from lead to biotherapeutic

Manufacturing-ready Horizon CHO cells

  • Accelerate cell line development
  • Meet demands for cost-effective biomanufacturing
  • Licensed to over 50 companies worldwide

Gene editing CHO cell services

  • Improve your CHO cell performance
  • Meet demands for cost-effective biomanufacturing
  • Ensure a clear IP position with freedom to operate

Five confirmed successful IND filings

Glenmark adopted Horizon CHO cell line (GS knockout CHO K1) into their biomanufacturing process to enhance ability to generate high quality cell lines that consistently demonstrated impressive performance. Read more on how we empower pharmaceutical companies by driving efficiencies in biotherapeutic manufacturing.

Regulatory Compliant – no royalty fees

Innovative and flexible approach to licensing

CHO Functional Genomic Screening

Use CRISPR screening to optimize your CHO cell line