3D cell panel screening service - 3D OncoSignature™

200 cell lines from our OncoSignature™ library grown in 3D spheroids.
Providing more physiologically relevant conditions to screen - giving a better understanding of candidate cancer therapeutics.

What the service includes

  • Screen up to 40 single agents or 12 combinations (as a standard offering)
  • Cytotoxicity determined by Promega CellTitreGlo 3D ®
  • Expert bioinformatics analyses available as an optional add-in

Custom screening service

Consult with your dedicated project team to define project scope:

  • Select standard or genetically modified cancer cell lines or send us your cell lines
  • Choose from a range of end-point assays
  • Opt for OncoReference data set to aid with cell line selection

Overview: OncoSignature 2D and 3D screening services

Cell panel screens using Promega CellTitreGlo 3D®

Poster: Screening beyond 2D assays

Read about the benefits of using 3D systems to mimic tumor microenvironments -

'High-Throughput Cell Panel and Organoid Screening in 3D'

Application note

High-throughput screening in colorectal organoids - proof of concept study.

Demonstrating Horizon’s capability to screen organoids with compounds, either as single agent or in combination.

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Article: 3D models in cell panel screens

Predict which patient populations might be most responsive to a candidate therapeutic.

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