Horizon Discovery Make the Final Stages of the Medical Futures Innovation Awards

26 Aug 2008

Horizon Discovery (Horizon) today announced that after two rounds of judging it has made it to the final stages of the prestigious Medical Futures Innovation Awards (MFIA).

The company has made the short-list for an innovation in Cancer award and will present to an eminent judges panel on September 5th in London in an attempt to win recognition. If successful, Horizon will participate in the November 2008 awards ceremony in London which will attract eminent clinicians, researchers, politicians and celebrities from the UK and around the world.

Horizon have pioneered the use of a proprietary gene-engineering technology that allows any endogenous gene in a human cell to be modified into a disease causing version of that gene; causing either a gain or loss in gene function. Using this novel approach, Horizon is able to create cellular models of human cancer that accurately reflect the way the disease genetically-manifests itself in any given patient-type.

The future benefits to patient-care (the primary interest of the MFIA judging panel) are that these models can be used to; identify novel cancer drugs that are optimally ‘targeted’ to specific patient-populations; select genetically-relevant patients for shorter, more focused and cheaper clinical trials and; to identify biomarkers related to disease-causing mutations or polymorphisms that predict disease-onset, prognosis and drug-responsiveness.