Horizon Hiring new X-MEN Scientists for Cambridge and Torino Laboratories

15 Nov 2008

Horizon Discovery is striving to provide drug discovery researchers with key missing tools that will accelerate the search for new and more effective ‘targeted’ or ‘personalised’ drugs. Central to realizing this vision is the creation and utilization of genetically-defined ‘isogenic’ cell-lines, which represent accurate laboratory based models of human genetic diseases and their matched normal cell-types. Isogenic cell-lines speed-up and reduce the cost of discovering novel ‘personalised’ drugs that target the fundamental causes of diseases such as cancer.

We are looking for post-doctoral researchers to be based at our drug-screening labs at the Babraham Research Campus, UK and at our state-of-art Gene Engineering Lab at the Molecular Biotechnology Centre in Torino (Italy). The focus of research will be the exploitation of an innovative technology to engineer isogenic cell-line pairs carrying specific cancer mutations and will involve many aspects of molecular and cell-biology; assay development and drug screening. The candidates should ideally hold a PhD in cancer biology or genetics and prefereably be familiar with the use of bio-nanlytical measurement systems for drug screening all gained in 3+ years of post-doctoral experience. Experience of cell culture techniques is essential. Genetic cell-engineering experience, for example use of virally mediated gene targeting, is desirable for the Torino-based positions but not essential.