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Horizon Signs Commercial Agreement with OSI Pharmaceuticals

15 Dec 2008

Horizon Discovery (Horizon) today announced it has signed a non-exclusive commercial agreement with OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OSI) to extensively evaluate its X-MAN™ technology.

X-MAN ‘Mutant And Normal’ human isogenic cell-lines are the first genetically-defined in vitro models of human cancer and non-cancerous cell-types that help accelerate the discovery of novel ‘personalised’ medicines and their optimal assessment in clinical trials.

The agreement covers a twelve month evaluation of a panel of nine X-MAN cell lines and their matched parental backgrounds. The cell lines under evaluation represent model genotypes of interest to OSI, who will further characterize the lines and test known targeted agents against these genotypes as well as internally developed compounds. In addition, the parties will collaborate to generate new data in areas of mutual research interest. OSI will share key data-sets during the course of the evaluation period which will begin in December 2008.

Dr. Darrin M Disley, Commercial Director of Horizon says, “We are rapidly getting our novel ‘patient-relevant’ X-MAN cancer models into real world drug discovery research programs and are excited to be working with a forward-thinking company like OSI. The evaluation program is comprehensive and expandable and will generate additional data on the ability of X-MAN cell lines to find novel ‘personalised’ cancer therapies.”