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Horizon Discovery Sign Three-Year Collaboration with World-Leading Cancer Pharma Genentech

02 Apr 2009

Horizon Discovery (Horizon) today announced it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Genentech Inc. (Genentech). The renewable three-year relationship builds on the previous four business agreements between the companies. The relationship is based upon the use of Horizon’s proprietary GENESIS™ gene-engineering platform to develop genetically-defined human ‘X-MAN™’ cancer models for deployment in Genentech’s drug discovery research programs.

X-MAN ‘Mutant And Normal’ cell-lines provide researchers with a consistent source of human cell-types that harbor a specific cancer causing gene (or genes) plus a matched reference normal cell as a control, potentially enabling the rational development of novel drugs or treatments that more effectively target specific patient populations.

Dr Chris Torrance, CEO of Horizon says “We believe the expansion of our collaboration with Genentech, who are at the forefront of research into new and improved targeted and personalized cancer therapeutics, is a key milestone for our company. Horizon’s proprietary GENESIS platform enables the routine generation of a wide-range of human disease models that were difficult or impossible to generate using historical gene-engineering techniques. Torrance goes on to say “We believe our leading position in the stable-alteration of endogenous genes in human cells, combined with a rapidly-growing portfolio of over 150 genetically-defined X-MAN models, has been fundamental to the development of this strategic collaboration with Genentech.”

Through its agreements, Genentech pays Horizon undisclosed up-front, milestone and renewal fees.