Horizon announce a series of new deals signed with leading Pharma & Biotech companies

25 May 2010

Horizon Discovery (Horizon) today announced it has recently signed new commercial agreements with three leading Pharma & Biotech companies relating to its X-MAN™ technology.

Horizon’s X-MAN (Mutant And Normal) cell-line technology provides the first genetically-defined and patient-relevant in vitro models of human cancer. These models are being used by a growing number of Pharma and Biotech companies to rationalize key steps of the ‘targeted’ drug development process, and thus accelerate and economize the burgeoning field of ‘personalised’ medicine.

The agreements cover the licensing of new X-MAN cell lines including major cancer causing genes and their matched normal genetic backgrounds. The approach should the companies to gather information relating to the selectivity and mode-of-action of their compounds using model in-vitro systems.

“Dr Darrin M Disley, Chairman of Horizon says “it has always been our aim to work with the leading players in oncology research and we hope to build a long and productive relationship with all our new partners.”
The Companies will pay Horizon undisclosed fees under the terms of the agreements.