Horizon Discovery launches rAAV-mediated genome editing support website

06 Mar 2012

Cambridge, UK, 5th March 2012: Horizon Discovery Limited (Horizon), a leading provider of research tools to support the development of personalized medicines, has announced the launch of www.rAAVers.org, a website dedicated to supporting scientists around the world working with rAAV-mediated genome editing technology.

The website provides an invaluable resource for groups working with or wishing to establish rAAV-mediated genome editing technology in-house, and gives comprehensive access to over 15 years of academic research on rAAV-mediated genome editing, along with data on Horizon’s world leading application of the technology.

Users can search the latest information on rAAV gene editing, including a library of rAAV-related articles. Discussion forums provide technical support as well as current protocols for rAAV gene targeting. The site also gives scientists easy contact with a community of leading academic researchers using rAAV, both from Horizon and members of Horizon’s rAAV Center of Excellence (CoE) groups.

Dr Rob Howes, Principal Scientist, Horizon, commented: “This is the first site dedicated to rAAV genome editing and brings together all of the current knowledge into one place. The purpose of this website is to support scientists working with rAAV-mediated genome editing, providing a virtual meeting point where academics from around the world can exchange ideas and information. Using this resource we aim to rapidly expand the number of groups using rAAV genome editing to create isogenic cell lines.”

Horizon’s rAAV CoE Program (CoE refers to Center of Excellence in Human Cellular Gene-Editing) is working to provide the global academic community with rAAV-mediated genome editing technology expertise. Each CoE is an academic or not-for-profit research group or laboratory to which Horizon commits resources to provide training and open access to its rAAV GENESIS human gene-editing platform. The website will give users easier access to the program, and will assist Horizon’s planned expansion of the program in 2012.