Horizon Discovery introduces Microinjection-Ready Cas9 Accelerate Ribonucleoprotein

09 Mar 2016 | Press release

  • Maximizes CRISPR gene editing efficiency and lowers the risk of off-target effects

Cambridge, UK 9 March 2016: Horizon Discovery Group plc (LSE: HZD) ("Horizon" or “the Company”), the leading international gene editing company, today announced the introduction of microinjection-ready Cas9 Accelerate Ribonucleoprotein (RNP).

The new Cas9 Accelerate RNP adds to Horizon’s existing collection of microinjection ready reagents for gene editing of animal models. Cas9 Accelerate RNP maximizes gene editing efficiency by enabling CRISPR reagents to sidestep the transcription and translation steps that traditional Cas9 plasmid and mRNA formats must complete before being activated, thereby maximizing gene editing efficiency and lowering the risk of off-target effects.

Dr. Kevin Gamber, Director, Marketing and Business Development, Horizon Discovery Group, commented: “Horizon’s collection of microinjection ready CRISPR reagents represent the most expertly-designed, rigorously validated, fast-acting and efficient gene editing tools available. Using the new Cas9 Accelerate RNP, gene editing can now be performed more quickly and efficiently.”

Horizon Discovery uses the same optimised sgRNA and Cas9 Accelerate RNP pre-mixed formulation for its in-house, custom animal model generation service.