Horizon Discovery and IGM Biosciences sign a multi-license commercial agreement of CHOSOURCE™ for the continued development of novel IgM antibodies

28 Apr 2021 | News story

Horizon Discovery is proud to share that IGM Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on creating and developing engineered IgM antibodies, has signed a multi-license commercial agreement within two years of their first license for the continued use of the Horizon’s cGMP-compliant CHOSOURCE™ platform for further development of IGM’s novel therapeutic IgM antibodies.

Igm anitbody shutterstock image

The CHOSOURCE platform, which is licensed globally to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biosimilar companies, as well as contract manufacturing organizations consists of a proprietary gene-edited Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) K1 cell line with Glutamine Synthetase (“GS”) knockout out capabilities, an expression vector supplied under license from ATUM and a comprehensive package of supporting documentation. The platform enables companies to move from the DNA sequence of their potential biotherapeutic to clinical manufacturing as simply and rapidly as possible.

IGM’s proprietary platform expands upon the inherent characteristics of IgM antibodies and is designed to enable the rapid development of engineered therapeutic antibodies. IGM’s technology allows it to create IgM antibodies with higher affinity and avidity than naturally occurring IgM antibodies, and is designed to overcome the historical difficulties in recombinantly expressing and manufacturing IgM antibodies. As part of their platform, IGM Biosciences is evaluating the use of CHOSOURCE for production of products in their pipeline.

Jesús Zurdo, Global Head Bioproduction Business, Horizon Discovery commented:We are very pleased IGM Biosciences has chosen to evaluate the Horizon CHOSOURCE expression platform for its pipeline products, and values the benefits it offers in development of IgM antibody therapies. We look forward to continuing to support IGM in these pioneering efforts.

To learn more about IGM’s pioneering efforts go to Home - IGM Biosciences and to find out more about how the CHOSOURCE platform can support your developments of biotherapeutic patient therapies go to https://horizondiscovery.com/en/chosource or contact us at bioproduction@horizondiscovery.com.