Please Note
  • Synthesis scale does not represent final yield. Length, modifications, and processing options will result in decreased RNA yield. Please contact Scientific Support to obtain yield estimates or recommended processing for your specific needs.
  • Purification is strongly recommended for long RNA or modified RNA requests. Requests with high GC content, secondary structure, multiple modifications, or extreme length are higher risk.
  • As detailed in our licensing statement, we will make 2 synthesis attempts and then cancel with charge if deemed impractical.
Ordering Guidelines
Synthesis scale Maximum ssRNA length
for online ordering*
0.05 µmol 50
0.2 µmol 100
0.4 µmol 105
1.0 - 10 µmol 90

*For ssRNA inquiries longer than the online order limit please contact Scientific Support or complete a custom pricing request.

Post Synthesis:
Valid Abbreviations

Copy and paste multiples sequences into spreadsheet below.The number of lines will grow to match the pasted input.