In-vivo facilities

Taking care

State-of-the-art barrier facilities for housing all laboratory mice and rats.

  • Technicians follow carefully written and approved Standard Operating Procedures when working in, and moving about, the barrier facility
  • Moving between rooms in the facility is carefully controlled with numerous restrictions in place
  • Supplies can only enter the barrier facility after decontamination and through a dedicated entry portal
  • Each barrier facility room is treated as a self-contained unit, with its own airflow system and dedicated equipment
  • In addition, individually ventilated rack systems are utilized to host the Immune-comprised and controlled lines inside the production rooms

All of Horizon’s animal vivarium are now AAALAC accredited. Our breeding facility outside of Philadelphia PA. has been AAALAC accredited since 2001 and continues to maintain full accreditation status. Our creation facility in St. Louis MO. has recently been granted AAALAC accreditation. Horizon also holds a PHS assurance number with OLAW for work with all government funded labs.

Health quality

Data reproducibility and consistency require laboratory mice and rats used in research to be free from pathogenic organisms. We are committed to an extensive health monitoring system as part of our comprehensive quality control program. We are dedicated to providing both health monitoring data as well as a complete description of our health monitoring program in order to give you confidence in the quality of our research models.

Genetic quality

Genetic monitoring is critical to maintain the specific characteristics of any strain, genetic integrity is a high priority within our business. Our technicians are highly trained, we document all observations of specific strain characteristics, and we use molecular genotyping to ensure the quality of our genetically modified strains. Our quality control and checkpoint processes ensure our customers can rely on the reproducibility of experimental data between groups and over time.

Welfare training

AAALAS training programs are utilized to provide our staff with ongoing professional development in animal health, husbandry and genetics. Technicians remain in compliance with The Guide and OLAW policies and are encouraged to seek professional certifications.

Our experienced staff, trains and mentors the remaining staff, which must adhere to Standard Operating Procedures for all handling of animals. In addition to professional veterinary staff, an IACUC committee maintains adherence to sound animal ethics and welfare policy for each facility.