Knockout Rat Models

For over 150 years, the laboratory rat has been a model for human disease research

What is a knockout rat?

A knockout rat or mouse is an animal model that has been engineered with a specific gene (or genes) disabled. They aid study of gene function and drug development in academic or pharmaceutical research into human diseases & genetic conditions.

We offer a range of pre-defined animal models for research including the areas of Neuroscience, Oncology and Cardiovascular disease.

The laboratory rat has proven an excellent model for human disease research due to its size, cognitive ability & physiology.

Find out why mice are losing their place to rats as the leading model for disease research

Rats vs. Mice

Horizon Discovery acquired Sage Labs, who commercialized the first knockout rats in 2009, we continue to partner with the leading minds in ADMET, neurobiology, cardiovascular biology and oncology to develop our rat and mouse research models for advanced disease research.

Let our expert team take the stress out of making a knock out mouse or rat for you.

Despite having one of the widest ranges of genetically engineered rodent models we can also create custom knockout rat models to meet specific requirements using CRISPR technology complimented with a range of services for drug discovery & basic research. This includes Neuroscience, ADMET, Cardiovascular and Oncology with more models being constantly developed.

Custom Model Generation