Custom engineering service

Define the cell model specific to your application

Choose from 100s of well-established cell lines, or provider your own for seamless addition to your existing pipeline, including:

  • Cancer cells, such as breast, colon, liver, lung and pancreatic cancer cell lines
  • Stem cells, including ESC and hiPSC, commercial and customer supplied derived lines
  • Immune cells such as primary T-cells, sourced with appropriate HTA licenses for gene editing
 Arrange your consultation 

Work with a dedicated project manager

Start your project by designing edits together with your project manager

You will receive monthly updates on project progress, followed by a Project Completion Report which includes:

  • Cell line characterization
  • Guide RNA details
  • Genotyping strategy
  • PCR sequencing results

Delivered as standard

  • Up to 2 clones
  • Sanger sequence confirmation
  • Mycoplasma and sterility testing
  • IP and license package as required

Delivery times

As soon as your project is agreed, work starts. Delivery times are competitive and will be detailed in you individual work plan