Express engineering service

A defined and stable cell model

  • Knockout cell models

  • Choice of 10 well-characterized cell line backgrounds

  • Provided as clones to minimize population genetic change

Three simple steps

  1. Select from 10 of our most popular cell backgrounds. Choose from a range of tissue backgrounds in human and mouse species

  2. Choose your gene

  3. Edit is a sequence-verified biallelic mutation.
    Mutations are guaranteed
    The option for a homozygous knockout in a gene with 3n may be available for an additional fee under this service

Delivered ready-to-go

  • You receive up to two validated, stable clones
  • Wildtype cell line is included as standard
  • Delivery in as little as 10 weeks
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Choose your cell background

Cell line Species Background
A549 Human Lung
MCF7 Human Breast
CT26.WT Mouse Colon
HCT116 Human Colon
RKO Human Colon
SW48 Human Colon
HEK293 Human Kidney
Jurkat Human T lymphocyte
K-562 Human Erythroleukemia
THP-1 Human Monocytic

If you need a more specific cell model, with a different cell line or edit, find out more about our Custom engineering service

Custom engineering service