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Express engineering service

Defined, clonal cell models from £7,500

Access the clonal cell model you need, when you need it with our Express engineering service. 

Each Express cell model includes up to 2 clones to avoid clonal bias. You also receive the parental cell line as a wildtype control, along with a final report. 


Ensure your project success

  • Immediate quotes available online
  • Delivery from 10 weeks
  • Payment on delivery 

Standards edits at a fixed price

Express edits available
Knockout Mono-allelic point mutation
Prices from £7,500 Prices from £9,950
Delivery from 10 weeks Delivery from 12 weeks

Specify your gene and choose your preferred cell line

  • Hundreds of pre-licensed cell lines available
  • Or, we can incorporate your in-house cell line at no extra cost

Start your project fast

  1. Build your cell model – complete a short online form about your requirements
  2. A project quote is emailed to you straight away
  3. Provide a Purchase Order (PO)
  4. Your project will undergo a Technical Review
  5. Email confirmation of project initiation

Start your project

Engineering using guides designed by our Edit-R algorithm

  • Focus on functional protein knockout
  • Minimizes potential off-target effects
  • Facilitated by in-house automation
  • Flexible capacity to minimize project delays

Everything you need, confidently delivered

  • Up to 2 clonal cell models to avoid clonal bias
  • The parental cell line - a wildtype control
  • Project report, including targeting and sequencing information

Discuss your cell line engineering requirements with our expert team 

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