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Cherry-pick library tool

Visit the Cherry-pick libraries workflow page to learn more about custom library build options for our predesigned synthetic sgRNA, siRNA, microRNA, and crRNA reagents.

Learn more about building a custom library of lentiviral shRNA or sgRNA by visiting the Cherry-pick clone libraries workflow.

Turn your gene list into a custom library! Get started:

  1. Choose the desired product type from the drop-down list
  2. Select the type of identifier you will provide
  3. Add the identifiers in the space provided, one per line, or a comma-delimited list
  4. If using Gene Symbols, you may select a single species from the drop-down menu to restrict the results to your species of interest
  5. Click "Next".

Quick Tip: How to import gene symbols into excel
View the video - avoid common mistakes when creating a gene list file to upload


Batch Import


Paste, type, or upload a file of gene identifiers or catalog numbers, one per line.
Enter Dharmacon individual siRNA catalog numbers or RNA sequence of target or siRNA sense strands, one per line