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Non-mammalian cDNAs and ORFs

A comprehensive source for cDNAs, ORFs, knockout strains, promoter collections and other resources for Yeast, C. elegans, Zebrafish, Xenopus, and E. coli.


Browse our list of yeast resources including Yeast Knockout strains, Tagged-ORF strains, Genomic DNA, cDNA libraries, and additional collections.

E. coli

Includes the E. coli Keio knockout collection, Promoter-GFP fusions for monitoring gene expression, and tagged ORFs for studying protein-protein interactions.


Full-length, fully-sequenced Xenopus ORFeome, XGC, and IMAGE cDNA and EST clones.

C. elegans

C. elegans ORFs, RNAi feeding collections, promoter and transcription factor collections.


Full-length, fully-sequenced Zebrafish ZGC and IMAGE clones, as well as Exelixis and NEIBank cDNAs and the Zebrafish IMCB Collection.