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T Cell Activation Assay

Rapidly identify agents that modulate T cells, as single agents or in combination, in high throughput leveraging Horizon’s extensive experience in combination high throughput screening. We’ll provide analysis and interpretation of the effects of your biologics or small molecules on multiple endpoints from multiple donors.

Our T-cell activation assay process

  • Horizon isolates T-cells from multiple donors
  • T-cells are cultured with CD3 and CD28
  • Small molecules or biologics are added as single agents or in combination
  • Endpoints measured: cell suface markers, cytokine release and cell proliferation

High throughput assays: Moving your therapeutic candidate forward

  • 384-well assay: Automated, robust and highly reproducible high throughput assay for large scale screening
  • Single agents or combinations: Flexible assay design that can be readily customized to fit your project
  • Multiple T cell donors: Highly enriched human primary T cells from multiple donors to address donor-to-donor variability
  • Multiple endpoints: Surface markers, cytokine release and cell proliferation—clearly understand the immuno-modulatory profile of your candidates
  • 10+ years of combination screening experience: Expert data analysis and interpretation using our proprietary Chalice Analyzer software

T-Cell Diagram 1

Figure 1. Synergistic activation of T cells by α-CD3/CD28 antibodies as measured by IL-2 secretion. Values in left matrix represent % activation of T cells. Values in right matrix
represent synergistic activity above single agent as indicated by Loewe Additivity Model.

Tcell Activation Fig2

Figure 2. Anti-PD-1 antibody nivolumab promotes T cell proliferation by anti-CD3/CD28 in the presence of sPD-L1.

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