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Dual CRISPRi and CRISPRa Screening

Exploit the power of paired loss-of-function and gain-of-function screening

The Dual Screen uses parallel CRISPRi and CRISPRa gene modulation technologies and provides the ability to identify drug-gene interactions through paired gene perturbation analysis. The approach offers researchers a novel, powerful and systematic way to:

  • Explore drug mechanisms of action
  • Identify novel biomarkers
  • Identify new combination therapy targets
  • De-orphan and reposition drugs for new therapeutic applications

Download the complete application note:

Dual CRISPRi & CRISPRa app note

By using CRISPRi and CRISPRa together you can power up your drug discovery and development programs and accelerate your target discovery. The Dual Screen is the new gold-standard in drug-gene interaction screening; providing deep insight into the biological effects of down- and up-regulating genes in parallel in the same experimental model.

Learn more about our Dual CRISPRi & CRISPRa screening platforms and the benefits of dual screening:

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Find out more about our Dual CRISPRi & CRISPRa sceening service and how it can give you insight into complex gene networks and drug responses:

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